Sun, Nov 17, 2013

Learning to Fly

cross-silhouette1I have more things to say than normal today.  In fact, this is about the 4th blog topic that has been on my heart.  But even with so much to say, I almost didn’t write anything.  I was struggling to believe that I could say anything encouraging or useful to you when I myself have struggled to even smile the last few days.  I’m pretty certain that the enemy didn’t like the words I shared with you last week, so he has worked overtime this week to attack me, to beat up my confidence, and to try to keep me from writing about God again this week.  So about an hour ago, I told the devil to take a hike – he’s not in charge.

It really doesn’t matter what I want to say each week.  I can have very earthly or non-spiritual topics on my mind that I want to write about, but as soon as I start typing, God takes over.  Literally, entire blogs have been written that were never my intent or plan when I started typing.  But God wants me to write about Him; so I do.  The words you read each week are His words; not mine.  He puts the words on my heart and gives my fingers the ability to type them.  So no matter what the devil tries to do to tear me down, no matter how unworthy to write these posts he makes me feel, I’m going to keep doing it.

I believe that God gives us struggle, difficulty, and pain as a gift.  A seemingly cruel gift, if we knew everything that we don’t know, we would view it differently I imagine.  Warriors aren’t victorious in battle without having endured countless times the pain of battle preparation.  There is a purpose for our grief, for our heartache, for all of those painful lessons, for the massacre of our confidence and self-esteem, for the sucker punch and stab in the back.  How would we know how to be different, how to be better, how to be kinder, how to try harder, how to love more unconditionally, how to know where to serve if earth were like Heaven? If everything was easy and painless?  Kind of like the bratty teenager who has been given everything for nothing and who has never been disciplined.

God is preparing us.  And while I don’t know exactly what He’s preparing you or preparing me for, I do know that it’s something greater.  It’s something beyond our ability to even imagine.  It’s something that we may never even know.  Our path may cross another’s in a way that changes their life, that changes the lives of many, that changes the world.  We may never know that we were involved, but the chance of that happening, the chance to be the one to have that impact is worth the “preparation” we might endure.

So as I try to put air back in my tires today, I’ll try to help you do the same.  Your pain has a purpose.  Your struggles have a purpose.  Your broken heart has a purpose.  While it seems easier to wallow in it, to avoid it, to run away from it, to hide it, to use it as an excuse, to use it as a reason to not trust, to shut down, to focus on ourselves instead of others – we have to discern it and then we have to take action.  We have to recognize that even if we don’t understand it, there is a reason and a purpose for all of it.  And then we have to do the only things we can do – learn from it, grow from it and help others learn and grow from it too.


He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When others are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. (2 Corinthians 1:4)


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2 Responses to “Preparation”

  1. Lou Ellen Jones says:

    Thank you for your message and how true it is! I did not know the quote from Corinthians 1:4, but I like it. Thanks!

  2. Rhonda Cassidy says:

    Don’t stop your amazing ministry! I’m not either! God called me to post my pastor’s Sunday messages on Facebook. He also happens to be my son- in- law God blessed us with! I plan to compile a devotion book someday soon… The devil will hate that and he tries us harder since we desire to serve Him more! I am so incredibly proud of you… God will favor you and you will receive so many crowns to lay at His feet!

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