Welcome to My Space!

Hey! This is a place to get to know me a little bit better. I’m a big fan of being myself and not pretending to be extremely formal. A professional work ethic doesn’t mean having meaningless conversations with no personality. As a creative I believe my personality is really important to my work and if you choose to hire me, work with me, or just want to get to know me, I just want to be myself. That way, we both know if this is a good fit. I am very glad you made it to my page! In fact, I want to use this blog post to encourage you to do the same. In the work space, it can be competitive and harsh. Why aren’t more people choosing to be genuine and build real relationships with clients or co-workers? That’s the work force I dream of. I encourage you to be the change with me! Fellow creative, let’s be real, raw, and kind to everyone we meet in this industry. You were put here for a reason and it is your (and my) job to do our creative best with our talents (Galatians 6:5) and build lasting relationships with clients and co-workers!

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